Waterfall Cities

Released in 1999

“This is an album to treasure – it’ll surprise you at every turn” Joel McIver (Record Collector)



About Waterfall Cities

Originally released in September 1999, Waterfall Cities was a giant leap forward for the band, taking a more obvious step into electronica, whilst still managing to retain their unique sound. With an explosion of keyboards, acid squelches and blistering guitar passages, the musical and technical brilliance of the Ozrics comes to the fore in strange and unexpected ways on this album.

Like previous studio albums by the band, Waterfall Cities was recorded at guitarist Ed Wynne’s home studio, The Mill, and features a cover by the artist Blim.


Ed Wynne – guitar, synthesizers
Seaweed (Christopher Lenox-Smith) – synthesizers
John Egan – flute
Zia Geelani – bass guitar
Rad (Conrad Prince) – drums