Pungent Effulgent

Released in 1989

Pungent Effulgent is the debut studio album by British rock band Ozric Tentacles. Released in 1989 to wide acclaim, it followed the many cassette-only albums they released in the 1980s.



About Pungent Effulgent

Pungent Effulgent, the Ozric’s first ‘official’ album in 1989, after self-releasing material on cassettes, is the first produced to label standards and retains their explorative style based on improvisations whilst performing live. The band’s early influences from peers such as Hawkwind, Gong and Pink Floyd are evident in this transformative release.

The album’s first track, “Dissolution”, is one of very few songs by Ozric Tentacles to make use of noticeable vocals.

The seventh track, “Kick Muck” is a reference to the dust in the fields at free festivals typical in the ’80’s. Popular with fans at such open air venues, its name refers to the dance style at front of stage. The song oscillates between periods of intense, high tempo guitar and slower electronic psychedelia, enabling the crowd to recover before the next bout of “kicking muck”.


Ed Wynne – guitar, synthesizer, production
Mervin Pepler – drums
Roly Wynne – bass
Joie Hinton – synthesizer, sampling
John Egan – flute, voice
Paul Hankin – percussion
Nick Van Gelder – drums on “The Domes of G’Bal”
Generator John – drums on “Wreltch”
Marcus C. Diess – percussion on “Agog in the Ether”