Curious Corn

Released in 1997

Curious Corn is a classic Ozrics album, blending rock, ambience, world music and expert bass lines with a trademark groove that will remind fans of the band’s remarkable festival performances.



About Curious Corn

With “Curious Corn”, the Ozric Tentacles were able to relaunch their recording career in 1997.

Simon Eddie Baker writes in the liner notes, “The opening track “Spyroid” sets the scene – its electronic spiralling loop builds and then fades into “Oolite Grove”, a track where guitarist Ed Wynne lets us all know that the Ozrics are back, and on their own terms! It’s a space guitar masterpiece, twisting and soaring unpredictably all over the place sending the listener on an epic journey of spaced out grooves and frantic rhythms.

The album’s master stroke is “Afroclonk” – one of the funkiest Ozric tracks ever written.

The title track keeps the dark, squelching dance theme with all sorts of bizarre sounds and noises to freak out the listener, then “Papyrus” flies us to the Middle East with its ethnic scales peppered with Jumping John’s dusty flute solos before the album closes with the aptly named “Meander”, a drifting monument of sound with some beautifully understated acoustic soloing and synth arpeggios that drift off into space as the track fades.”


Ed Wynne – guitars, synths, mists
Seaweed (Christopher Lenox-Smith) – synths, strands
John Egan – flute, ney, bansuri
Rad (Conrad Prince) – drums, spiders
Zia Geelani – bass, spongebag