Become the Other

Released in 1995

Become The Other, the Ozrics’ studio release from 1995, featured the band’s signature blend of ambience, virtuoso guitar, cosmic synths and potent rhythms.



About Become the Other

The band’s first release after Merv Pepler and Joie Hinton left to form Eat Static, Become The Other still possesses the cool, psychedelic spare rock of its predecessors. With hints of techno, psybient and world music, the album kicks off with some fine guitar and bass on ‘Cat DNA’, followed by the atmospherics of ‘Ahu Belahu’ and ‘Ghedengi’. ‘Wob Glass’ is all synthy techno whilst ‘Neurochasm’ is a cool trippy rock track and so very Ozrics. The title track visits reggae with lengthy finishers ‘Vibuthi’ and ‘Plurnstyle’ both smorgasbords of classic Ozrics sounds.

And that’s Become The Other in a nutshell: everything you’d expect of an Ozrics album, but not sounding exactly like any other Ozrcis album. It may not get the attention of the albums Ed Wynne and Co released in the previous 6 years, but it’s right up there with them.


Line-up / Musicians:
– Ed Wynne / guitars, synths, sampler, soundscapes
– Christoper Lenox-Smith / synths, textures
– John Egan / flutes
– Zia Geelani / bass, castanets
– Conrad Prince / drums, percussion

– Jim O’Roon / percussion (5)