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New albums from Ozric Tentacles side projects

Nodens Ictus and Silas Neptune

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New Nodens Ictus Website

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December 2017 Tour Dates Announced

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Technicians of the Sacred



The latest DOUBLE CD and vinyl album set, Technicians of The Sacred, will released on Snapper's "Madfish" label on May 11th, 2015 in the UK...

At long last! Ozric's 21st studio album. 90 minutes of mind bending astral journeys ready and waiting to transport you to another world. Over 30 years into their musical career, Ozric's continue to push the boundries where no band has gone before. This epic offering takes you on a journey of awakening through musical celebration, it encourages listeners to take a step away from the restraints of traditional and modern days styles or genres, and open their minds to any possibility. "Technicians of the Sacred" is the group's first double length album in 25 years, since their ground breaking Erpland LP released in 1990.



Ethereal Cereal (double vinyl preorder)

ethereal cereal


Tantric Obstacles (double vinyl preorder)

tantric obstacles


Erpsongs (double vinyl preorder)



To coincide with the band's new studio album due for release in Summer 2015, Madfish is giving the 6 albums from the 2014 Vitamin Enhanced CD box set their first vinyl release beginning with Erpsongs.

Erpsongs was the band's debut album in 1985 and was released on cassette only originally. It contained studio recordings made in 1984 and 1985, didn't come with a print tracklisting, and whilst live favourites such as the high energy Velmwend and more relaxed Dots Thots were easily identifiable, the contents remained a mystery for many years until the Vitamin Enhanced CDs clarified the running order. Erpsongs remains a firm favourite amongst fans, establishing the band's distinctive 1970s influenced swirling space rock jams.

Remastered double LP edition of the Ozrics classic debut release from 1985 pressed on heavyweight (180g) vinyl.

Pre-order for 30th March release.





New 2013 Live Show now available for download in the music shop.

Recorded in 24-channel multitrack. Available in Mp3 or high quality 24-bit flac.




Remastered box set now available *Order Here*



*Order Here*

This year Ozrics celebrate their 30th anniversary. To mark the date, Ozrics are finally granting the wishes of many fans, by re-mastering and re-releasing a series of classics from the catalogue, which have previously been out of print for nearly 20 years. Ozric Tentacles “Vitamin Enhanced” Box Set contains the entire first 6 albums recorded by the band. These first six albums were originally only available on cassette, handmade by the band, and only sold at festivals and concerts. In 1993 these tapes were transferred to CD, and 1994 released limited edition box set, only 5,000 copies of this package were ever made, making it a rare treat for collectors. As time passed, with so many other releases to focus on, these albums fell out of print and distribution. Now they have finally been given the attention they deserve, countless hours of audio and visual re-mastering have restored this wonderfully unique package to a modern day standard that is sure to please any fan.


Ozric Music Shop is back online!

Although the new site is still being re-stocked, many titles are now avaible. We look forward to offering the full catalogue of Ozric Tentacles and Nodens Ictus studio releases, as well as new, old, out of print, and previously unreleased live and studio material from both bands. We will be adding a "Friends and Family" catagory to assist those looking for Ozric off-shoots and side projects from previous members of the band, as well as music from a few of the artists we have been touring with lately.

Check back regularly for new updates and releases !


Music Pages Latest Update: November, 30th, 2013




Limited Edition Vinyl Released:



Ozrics are back in control of their own vinyl! To start the high quality artfile prints, first up are Strangeitude now on Yellow vinyl, and Jurassic on Pink vinyl. Both releases come with heavy weight dj friendly 12" singles featuring the top remixes from the now-out-of-print 1999 release "Floating Seeds", with tracks from System 7, Hallucinogen, Eat Static, and Youth. Both release are also curretly available *here*

Ozric Tentacles Summer Festivals & Tour Dates

The band is now hard at work finishing their next studio album, which is due to release this summer. Ozrics kick off their summer shows in June States-side, where for the first time US fans will meet the band’s new drummer, Balázs Szende. “We’ve thrown some pretty tough tracks at him”, says Ed, seeming entertained by the thought of the challenge he had set, “So far we’ve been amazed. He really understands just what each part is trying to say, and when it’s meant to say it. It makes things easy when that part comes naturally; it’s something you just can’t teach." The performances will feature works from the group's upcoming double album release.

Ozrics first appearance will be June 19th, at the "Family Roots Festival" in Glouster OH, during the performance artists Alex & Allyson Grey will be painting live! They will also celebrate the joy of another year, by returning to the Madsummer Meltdown, in Shuylkill, PA.

2012 saw a tumultuous upheaval for the group. Upon arriving home from an extensive 40 date tour through North America and Europe, which included debut performances in Russia, the group was immediately evacuated from their home and studio. It was located directly in the path of the most destructive forest fire in Colorado history. The band had only moments to grab their most important possessions, before they were escorted out by Police and National Guard.

Fans watched the fire’s progress as the band continued to their last concert, a festival near Philadelphia, they were unaware of what would happen, but fairly certain it wasn’t looking good. That evening, as the band took the stage, the fire destroyed their home and studio as they played, taking with it all of the bands past archives and masters. Those who knew the circumstances described the performance as “a real life tribute to the phrase: The Show Must Go On”.


Ozric Tentacles "Paper Monkeys"


Ozric Tentacles current release “Paper Monkeys” is distributed worldwide by Snapper Records. CDs and Vinyl, along with the rest of Ozrics’ vast back catalogue are available from the bands website or alternatively through Snapper’s main UK distributor, Burning Shed: Paper Monkeys album reviews: “Nearly 30 years into their musical journey, there is still a freshness and exploratory feel to their music. This release is relentlessly and pulsatingly energetic from start to end, with all the Ozrics’ trademark hippy aesthetics, spiralling guitars, waves of keyboards, and driving bass and drum grooves over undulating, ambient landscapes. The more trad-prog amongst us will most enjoy Ed Wynne’s guitar on the rocking title track “Paper Monkeys, but this band flit effortlessly between outright freeform dub trip, psychedelic, guitar-lick rock, and improvisational rave groove. From the rhythmically intense “Attack of the Vapours” to the Ethereal “Will of the Wisps” and the chillaxing “Air City”, this absorbingly intense workout has produced and entrancing album.” – Rock Society “This music never gets old. It's timeless. It's not dictated by fashion or fads. It's above all of that. It’s all about the music. This new album does not disappoint. Their eclectic soundscapes soar and fly around the room like a magic spell, weaving in and out of your head. A fusion of oriental sounds and fantastic rhythms, combined with pulsing bass and Ed's marvellous guitar swirling over the keyboard textures and samples. Rock, dance, psychedelics...This is instrumental heaven! For heaven’s sake - Buy it!” – Ozric Fan


New Shows added to gigs and tours, next stop: "Family Roots Festival" Glouster, OH, performing w/ special guest artists Alex & Ayllison Grey


Ozrics' Classic 1990 "Erpland" Enhanced 20th Anniversary Release - In Shops Now

Snapper Records is set to release the new enhanced edition of "Erpland" May 1st, 2010. The two disc set will feature a 24-page colour booklet, and a bonus Dvd. The two hour bonus Dvd is a live performance showcasing Erpland material. This 1991 performance "Live At The Brixton Fridge", has over the years become hot property amongst collectors. Back by popular demand, digitally transferred and remastered, it will be available for the first time in over ten years.


Nodens Ictus - "Live at the Pongmasters Ball" now available

After years of waiting for Nodens fans, the 2002 previously unreleased recording "Live at the Pongmasters Ball" is now available for digital download on the Ozrics Music Page. This new site for Ozrics Music is currently undergoing developement, but is already offering rare releases for Ozric Tentacles and Nodens Ictus. The site will continue to build, so check regularly for new, old, previously unreleased, and formerly out of print releases!







Artist is not on tour. . .


Find most of these CDs at the Ozric Shop


Yum Yum Tree - Original Release: 2009 - Snapper Music PLC


Sunrise Festival - Live CD/DVD - Original Release: 2008 - Snapper Music PLC


The Floor's Too Far Away - Original Release: 2006 - Magna Carta Records


Eternal Wheel (Best Of Collection) - Original Release: 2005 - Snapper Music PLC


Spirals In Hyperspace - Original Release: 2004 - Magna Carta Records


Pongmaster's Ball - Live CD/DVD - Original Release: 2002 - Snapper Music PLC


Pyramidion - Live EP - Original Release: 2001 - Stretchy Records


Swirly Termination - Original Release: 2000 - Snapper Music PLC


The Hidden Step - Original Release: 2000 - Stretchy Records


Waterfall Cities - Original Release: 1999 - Stretchy Records


Spice Doubt - Live Streaming CD - Original Release: 1998 - Snapper Music PLC


Curious Corn - Original Release: 1997 - Snapper Music PLC


Become The Other - Original Release: 1995 - Dovetail Records


Arborescence - Original Release: 1994 - Dovetail Records


Jurassic Shift - Original Release: 1993 - Dovetail Records

Enhanced Re-Release (w/ Bonus Material): 2008 - Snapper Music PLC


Live Underslunky - Original Release: 1992 - Dovetail Records


Afterswish (Best Of 1984 - 1989) - Original Release: 1992 - Dovetail Records


Stangeitude - Original Release: 1991 - Dovetail Records

Enhanced Re-Release (w/ Bonus Material): *Available 2010* - Snapper Music PLC


Erpland - Original Release: 1990 - Dovetail Records

Enhanced Re-Release (w/ Bonus Material): *Available 2010* - Snapper Music PLC


Pungent Effulgent - Original Release: 1989 - Dovetail Records


Vitamin Enhanced (Box Set 1984-89) - Dovetail Records - *Out of Print*


Bits Between The Bits (1985-89) - Original Release: 1989 - Dovetail Records

Re-Release: 2000 - Snapper Music PLC

sliding gliding

Sliding Gliding Worlds - Original Release: 1988 - Dovetail Records

Re-Release: 2000 - Snapper Music PLC

there is nothing

There Is Nothing - Original Release: 1987 - Dovetail Records

Re-Release: 2000 - Snapper Music PLC


Live Ethereal Cereal - Original Release: 1986 - Dovetail Records

Re-Release: 2000 - Snapper Music PLC


Tantric Obstacles - Original Release: 1985 - Dovetail Records

Re-Release: 2000 - Snapper Music PLC


Erpsongs - Original Release: 1984 - Dovetail Records

Re-Release: 2000 - Snapper Music PLC


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